Naandi-A Rurbanic community

Saptha Patha / Food


The seven paths to sustainable living


Farming is based on the idea that one can know and learn about every stage of food production. Naāndi is designed as a holistic farm, where farming is practiced at various levels. This establishes the standards of the unadultrated process of food production by the members themselves. Community farming, personal farming, nursery, forest plantations, medicinal plantations, animal husbandry, aqua farming, api culture etc; would be the different types of farming that will be practiced here.

An area comprising of nearly 6 acres is dedicated to fruits and vegetables with diverse cropping designed to benefit the plants nutrient supply.

The personal Kitchen Farm

Each resident would have a 600 sq yards plot of which about, of which 450 square yards is for the individual farm yard where the landscaping has been designed using edible plantations.

The personal farming space would be maintained with the support from the community where the plot owner will have an option to indulge in his own choice of vegetables and fruits.

Apart from these spaces, each plot will be provided with some fruit trees by the community without an option.

Forest plantations

The entire community is lined with forest trees on the boundary that have a secondary revenue generating oppertunities like the Gulmohar, Red sanders, Casurina, Millingtonia, Teak wood, soap nut, Mahua, Amla, Neem, Badam, Jack fruit, Beetle-Nut palm, Date palm, etc;

Apart from that, the front of the site and the South-East parcel of land are developed as a forest garden complete with forest shacks, bon fire space and outdoor barbecue to provide an avenue to have a wilderness experience

Medical Plantations

The Naāndi farm promotes passive health care where the plantations in the forest zone on the south east corner are interspersed with traditional Indian medicinal plants like Ashwagandha, Velaga, Tellamamadi etc.

Each of the medicinal plants will have customized signage to educate the passersby on how the plants could be used for common cures.

Animal husbandry & associated facilities

The plant care and the nutrient supply for the farm is done organically with manures prepared from the cattle faeces in the animal husbandry unit. (Vedic farming methods)

Also the, farm animals unit will provide organic dairy that are door delivered to the resident members.

Aqua Farming

The farm pond in the site is also used for aqua culture to complete the Aquaponic cycle for better nutrient supply to the plants.

Api culture

On the suggestion of AP Bee Keeper’s association we tried to design a natural breeding habitat for bee farming. Located in the bio-conservation zone and just about 9 Kms from the Mrugavani national forest it gets as close to a wild habitat as possible with rich bio-diversity for bees to thrive on.

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