Naandi-A Rurbanic community

How does it work?

The objective of our association is to form a group of (more than 50) farmers with a minimum land ownership of 20 guntas with the sole intent of forming a “collective sustainable farm-living community”. All the major holdings of the member farmers shall be joined undivided unspecified and shall form part of Naāndi scheme.

The “Naāndi association by-laws” are the guidelines by which the group of farmers is bound for effective and smooth running of the community to take its intent forward.

There is a sense of peace in recognizing that we belong to each other in a community and in sharing the collective resources. Sharing in this collective farming society happens via the Naāndi credit system. The Naāndi credit system quantifies the consumption/contribution of each of the members in all the Saptha Patha categories and rewards or penalizes the members based on their consumption that directly reflects their commitment towards sustainability and respect towards nature. Each of the credits are denominated as Food credits, Energy Credits, Water Credits, Earth Credits, Shelter Credits, Air Credits and People Credits. We believe that the immediate monetary benefits of the credit system at Naāndi would compel the soul of ‘collective sustainable farm-living’ in our community.

Based on the Naāndi by-laws and credit system,
Naāndi yearly income would be = (Community profit / No. of members) X Factor of credits.
Factor of credit = Average weightage of the Saptha Patha criterion.

The Naāndi credit system and by-laws can be summarized as the follows-

Saptha Patha *Provisional benchmarked Credit weightage 100% Measure Distribution system audit report
Food 50 Kilos of fruits and vegetables per family per month.
30 liters of cow dairy produces per month
10% Give and take audit Naāndi FM. Every quarter
Water 24300 liters per family per month 10% Water meters and record of usage/savings Naāndi FM. Every month
Energy 600 units per family per month 20% Two way metering Naāndi FM. Every month
Shelter Shelter is designed based on green norms by developer. The upkeep of the home to fall under the same Naāndi norms is mandatory. Example: periodical maintenance of energy systems, water systems and so on. 15% Periodic maintenance checks Naāndi FM. Every quarter
Air 60 hours of complete running of Air conditioners are benchmarked. Rest of the time the members are expected to use cooling via earthen tunnel drafting. 5% Data collected by society via automation Naāndi FM. Every month
People 1.Community participation E.g., Voting, active sales, upkeep, reviewing P & L accounts, attending community audit meetings etc. 2.Social. E.g., Conducting healthcare or education programs 20% Attendance log and records Naāndi FM. Every year
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